The history of Sinfonia Celtica has not been different from any other band. Some guys picking up some instruments, practicing some classic heavy metal songs, having the idea of making a band to play strong heavy metal riffs, using a 15w amp in some attic, basement, garage or any room available at your parents house if there was no other option...

The year was 2003... under the name of Luna Roja, I started playing with this guys at any party we got invited. This just did not work, some of them could not go on with a project that was beggining to take a different form... we started composing some songs... It was time to make our own music. Some people got interested in it, so, we changed the name to Sinfonia Celtica, locked ourselves for some "BleedingFingers" rehearsals and suddenly... In the spring of 2004 we were ready to break into the local scene and bang some fuckin heads.

Amazing Heavy Metal bands from all over the world were performing at that time in Monterrey. Metal could be breathe everywhere... and there we were. Everything happened so fast. All of a sudden we were playing some gigs at the most important places and stages in the city. Soon we were playing our first shows touring the country as the Headliner Band in some awesome places... We were getting wasted, getting stoned, destroying some hotel rooms, bar fighting and street brawling... to be honest, after this, we never came back to most of this places. Completely understandable!!!

There came a demo then our debut Album The Eye Of The Storm, the Ride With The Warrior Tour, I ended up being fired by people who belived they could keep things working... To make a long story short... We have played with great local bands like Ira, Argos, Transmetal, Cristal y Acero, Stentor and more... We have shared the stage with international bands such as Renacer, Neil Turbin, Ripper Owens, Beyond Fear, Ignitor... We have even had some VIP audience like Carlitos, Oscar Dronkjak and C.C. De Ville who personally congratulated me for our music and stage performance.

Our first album was heard by people in Canada. U.S.A., Argentina, Chile, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany and some other countries. Thanks to the e mails of that people who appreciate our work we are here again. That is why I decided to carry on, because that is what Sinfonia Celtica is all about... CARRYING ON. What made us different, what made us endure was the way we performed, always bringing some new songs, good music, kicking ass covers played with our own style, masks, kilts, dancing steps, beer launching and things that made people go home having had a great time.

Sinfonia Celtica is not about faces, not about names. There have been more than 30 musicians along the years who have shared their talent and keep doing it somewhere else, because of that Sinfonia Celtica is here, because of the music, because no matter what happen, Music is what you will remember as years go by. Music is the one that will remain... The history of Sinfonia Celtica is not different from any other band... Some people like us, some do not, some love our music, some people do not. I actually do not care about those people, I respect them but we do this for anyone who lets a song embrace heart and soul, for the ones who allow our music be heard. Sincerly... Thank you. Sinfonia Celtica is about music... And music, cannot be stopped.


Jesus De Rais