The Eye Of The Storm

Words and Music by: Jesús De Rais

Thousand lives and dreams
have lost their hopes
under your hand
but you must know
this day will be your last.
We have crossed the oceans
many miles from hell we walk
rise your arms.

Thunder screams this morning
hail the brothers of the brave
follow my voice praying.

You will fall...
You must pay for the pain
and the sword of the justice will shine again
it’s our time fot the glory.
We are the ones who destroy
all the doom and the fears that you ever sown
now your soul will be lost
in the eye of the storm.

Many sorrow filled this realm
that was at your command
hear this song, the end of all your lies.
I can smell your steps
we’ll send your head right to the ground with your heart.

Thunder screams this morning
as we dance upon your grave
follow our voice praying...