Heaven´s Cry

Words and Music by: Jesús De Rais

Destiny call me I hear my name
I feel the cold of this bloody rain
heroes await me in valhalla halls
now immortality is waiting for us.

I climb high mountains where eagles fly
I learn of freedom I learn of life
A wise man told me there’s only a chance
To face your fears and give all that you have.

From the north where the dark army comes
You will find a reason to...

Fight and to die for the ones you love
For all the things they have done
You learn to fly trough the dark skies
Glorious as our heaven’s cry.

Steeds are riding across the night
my brothers follow the battle cry
we dive to oceans of death and war
and hold our banners with honor and pride.

My foe won’t see me lay on my knees
my beloved rivers please drown my sins
Odin await me another day
to see the honor and freedom prevail.

Runes have spoken it’s voice must be heard
There you’ll find a reason to...