Pirate Chant

Words and Music by: Jesus De Rais

For many years
We have sailed in our ship
Facing wild winds and storms
We spit on the laws
We will burn every port
Come on fellow come with us
Theres always a feast
All the rum and the beer
The sirens give us their song

The greed and the lust
Have stirred in our hearts
Like skull and bones in black flags

No one stops this voice
A pirate chant of joy
Rules lords we have none
They re hanged in our ropes

We have the key, we know how to cheat
The treasure shines like the sun
We re dread on the breeze
We re sons of the sea
Hands always full of gold

We steal and we rape
Sharing drinks with our friends
Salty water fills our veins

A shark as a pet
Will you join to our game?
Some good whores boy you may get

We live as free men
This you must respect, yes
You have the right of parley

Beware use it well
It could be your last chance
To have fun or be dead man