Your Pain, My Name

Words and Music by: Jesus De Rais

Im standing in the darkness
As I say the darkest pray
Is not about forgiveness
But a poem of true hate.

Rage has become the pillow
Where my heart now barely rest
To sell my soul, to walk alone
If is that what it takes

A thousand demons are feeding my anger
I will rape your soul, this I swear

Destroying your life become your fears deep inside
I ll spill your blood on the ground till you re dead
I ve rotten my core, so there will be no remorse
Damned your name

Your pain, my name
Your skin is feeling a taste of hate (Your pain My Name)
It won t be enough cause I just want more and more
Your spine I ll rip off, I want you to cry begging soon to end my job

Im sharpening my knives
This night they want to slice you flesh
My finger pulls the trigger now the bullet is in your head

I tie your guts into your neck
Sweet pleasure of revenge
Kid you tried, to be a man
But you re a bitch instead