Live Fast, Die Hard

Words and Music by: Jesus De Rais

Burn below my tires
Beast of steel s my ride

Asphalt s melting
Wheels are crying
Faster than the wind
My heart s on fire

Name a limit
Break them all
Pleasure takes me down
When my motor roars

There re no breaks in mi life
Im seeking no fortune
I will hit the road once again

The street calls me out
Engine starts fast and furious
The fuel feed my brain through my veins

Im gonna live fast Im gonna die hard
Overtaking powers I feel alive
Im gonna Live Fast Im gonna Die Hard
Im the highway star the blaze in the night

Headlights guiding
Riders bashing
Chromed steering wheels
Lead us smashing warnings
Get some Vodka
Drink it all
It will keep the heat
As the night goes on

Im breaking new grounds
Selling past buying future
Wont grip on myself
In my reign

I drive on the edge of the
Blade spreading rumors
My freedom wont stray from my way