Bitch Metal

Words and Music by: De Rais / Saifragh

We re the madness driving you wild
Every morning
We re the beast released every night
In your head

Yeah, we got the sound that will shred
Untold stories
Music is the weapon, fear must
Be displaced

We re the dragon soaring,
legends to be sung
We have never kneeled,
we dont make amends or atone

Come with us
Now it s time
You will tear down all the walls
Crank it up
let your truth be heard aloud

Bang your head
Party hard
Life is short dont waste your time
Wanna know
why we rave and rule your town

Cuz we re
Rocking, Living
Drinking every night
Storming every city
Burning, Killing
This is Bitch metal

We have found the gold at the
end of the rainbow
in a future world you ll remember
our name
we dont give a shit about limits and borders
we can find the way we will blow every stage

Roaring, Thrilling
Howling with the pack
We re alive and kicking
Gambling, winning
Making Bitch metal

We have earned the throne
as kings masters and prophets
We re standing proud
keeping our heads up high
We will overthrow every wimp fuckin poser
At the end of time our legend will last