Mist Of Sin

Words and Music by: De Rais / Saifragh

You led her by the hand
Lock the room now safe and warm
You leave the stormy night behind
She holds you close and tight
Every whisper nails and bites
A space where once there was a heart
Break your vow and take a step with me to eternity

Salvation denied
Condemned by my desires
Dont stop walk the corridor

Im longing, awaiting
A crime that lasts forever
Staking out Im hunting you

Cross the threshold
Blow those candles out
You ll perform the rite then we ll be bound

Come to me
Lose your heaven loving me
In the darkness of the room lay
All your lust on me

Dont resist
Make me yours this is my will
Cover me with sweat and blood
While you embrace the mist of sin

You shattered a promise
To leave the door half open
Destiny has brought you here

Run into me, cant banish me
You can repent blame s been scattered
Cmon meet your nightmare breed

Torn apart within my space and time
Dont you want my love?
Turn off the lights

Crawl to my feet
Drag your soul
I wanna hear you groan
Trapped into my lair
You ll feel the blame