Last Ride Of The Brave

Words and Music by: Jesus De Rais

Lightning strikes
Scream in vain
Hordes from hell will attack

Wages of sin
Are paid with blood
My steel meets flesh, sorrow and bone
Thor leads my fate through the rage of the battle
Bless with your hammer our way

Burning earth
Crackling skies
Landscapes of death hit my eyes

Shields and spears
Back to back
Valhalla awaits me tonight

Take no step back beneath whirlwinds of fire
Heeding the wish of the one

Ride for the glory
Bearers of pain
Cut throats and limbs we re the night

Saddle your horses
Bringers of death
Grind all their heads on the ground

Find on this day
The great end you deserve
Towering pride must prevail

We ll be your bane
And our names will remain
For glory to glory
We Ride, Ride, Ride

Seeking oaths of old
Ancient idols fall
Praying to my gods
Sun might not return

Saddling my horse
Breathing fumes of gore
At the break of dawn
We will smash our foe