Rotten Sprouts From Hell

Words By: De Rais
Music by: De Rais / Portos

We were born without sin
And without sin we have lived
You have tamed the weak ones
And the wild ones you have killed
Pure, unchained is our soul
We were here before your race
We re livin as slaves
You break our spirit and strength

You have slain our children
Got no mercy from your hands
Million victims screaming
But no voice to call for help
Fed by greed you re razing
With our given right to exist
Wealth and consumption
Money on the top of your list

Ruthless bastards
Merciless fate awaits
Bleeding, Struggling
Torture fear and pain
Ripping tearing
Fun for the insane
Foul mankind you re running out of time
Soon you ll be down and out

You re the
Rotten sprouts from hell
You re the
rotten Sprouts from hell
You re the
One to be condemned
You re the
Rotten Sprouts from hell

We cant feel the sunlight
There s no place to take a step
Broken limbs creating
Pleasure looks upon your face
we are bred in order
to be pieces on your plate
Painful existence
Soon our throat will meet the blade

Shards of bone keep floating
In an endless pool of blood
We re slowly dying
gushing organs, piles of guts
a decaying carcass
now is ready to be sold
torment and murder
we know no future, no hope