Celtic Symphony

Words and Music by: Jesus De Rais

1st Movement in Dm, Andante

Son, remember how I lived. Remember my deeds, my words and never forget. . . You are my blood, my name, my pride.

There`s a place inside your mind
Where the hills and mountains cry
In your dreams a river flows into the sky
You can smell and taste the rain
Pagan rhythms fill the air
Drums of war will beat inside your heart again

2nd Movement in BbM, Allegro

Twas a morning in the meadows
Hills were spitting soldiers
I felt proud as I rode with my
Lager lout good friends

Suddenly a short lad told me
I think I will leg it
I punch him in the face and said
Prepare to broke some heads

Joyful banners flying high
Shining echoes from the sea
Swords are held with joy and pride
Marching through the battlefield
May your beer be cold
May your friends be true
May the good luck of the Irish enfolds you
When life runs along like a song
We sing to the lad who can smile
When the things are so dead wrong

May your glass be ever full
May your whiskey quench your thirst
May the roof over your head be always strong
May you live as long as you want
And never want as long as you live
Now raise a toast to victory

Soon we were beguiled by war
Spear and shield were clashing
Soldiers of the crown show
Their conviction in their smirk

Fearless there we stood and fought
But then we were in trouble
Cavalry and archers were
Attacking on both flanks

But the wildest man appeared
Like a fire in the wind
Throwing fireballs from his eyes
And bolts of lightning from his arse

Oh, Ah sing and smite
Drink till the break of dawn
Oh, Ah sing and smite
Drink till the break of dawn
Now we have to praise the man
Lets raise our voice and cheer
The one who charged stormy fields with us
Without fear

Honor to the fallen brothers
Hail the spirits of the brave
He is my brother, He is my friend
He is my father, He is the man
He is the one that saved my neck again
He is a joker he is the rage
He is a smoker, bold and stern
Fellas you are fierce plastered
Cant be blamed

Thanks my folks I feel so glad
You re the reason we re alive
You fulfilled your brutal task
That will be told by the bards
Now rise, your voice, with me

Soon it will be morning
And we should refill our mugs
Where s Bran we need him here
For one more song

I saw him take some wobbly steps
He walked towards the door
Not possible he might have drunk
An ocean and still stand
I ll look for him well get some Ale
To share with our best men
Bran, You re fucked I didnt expect
To find you in your sleep
You re lying on the floor
Crack on, wake up and answer me
Bran. . . BRAN!

3rd Movement in Cm, Moderato

Cedric my son
Sit and listen
Time s settled down in my bones
Winters and sorrow have turned my hair gray
And my knee hurts every step I take

I still regret
Placing you in battle
You should be playing instead
I ve failed your mother I swore when she died
You wouldnt turn into men through the war

My time is coming
Soon you ll have to guide
Our kin to freedom, to glory
Must protect our land
Remember how I ve lived
Remember what I ve been
I ll be always by your side

I climbed every mountain
I sailed across the sea
I fought with pride my battles
And I drank ten thousand beers
I raised you my son
Did my best with all my love
Now live your life with honor
Find your own way when Im gone

Cant leave us now
We re outnumbered
You are our leader and strength
Now is your moment you ll have to break through
They have bled with me they ll bleed with you

I need you with me
You ll have my sword
Pledge it to justice, rebellion
Dont stray from the path
And dont forget my deeds
They ll always be with me
In spirit, mind and heart

I ll climb every mountain
I ll sail across the sea
I ll fight with pride my battles
I will drink ten thousand beers
I will raise your sword
With the pride of being your son
I ll live my life with honor
Find my own way when you re gone

Go and gather all your men
But let me kiss for one last time
The forehead of the child that I used to hold in arms
The one I bless and holds my hand now has become a man
(Dont fail / I wont)

4th Movement in Gm, Allegro Vivace

HAIL to the fallen
HAIL to the dead
HAIL to our bold, audacious men

DEATH to the enemy
DEATH to our foe
DEATH to the ones who want our throne

FIGHT for the alliance
FIGHT to survive
FIGHT to defend our lands and rights

KILL to the last one
KILL all the damned
KILL them an show them their cruel fate

They know where we are
Make haste and assemble our forces
How they found out...
We must have left trace
That led them to your father s place
Boy, he took an arrow in his chest
But killed two of them before they went away
We found him lying on your mother s grave
Wondering if he ever see you again
Go, stay with him
I just cant let them flee
I have to stop them
You know that would have been his will

Cadarn, go faster, ride with the wind
They ll meet the meaning of bane
We will take them by storm, I swear they will pay
By facing the master of pain

Now I see their tracks, they re not far away
Knowing our plans want to escape
That will be useless, they ll never get there
I ll hunt them, I ll send them to hell

Winding chasms of dreams will arise
From the edge of the rainbow
Dive from there heavenly ridge
Hear the angels sing

Look, how the raven soars in to the sky
Forecasting days of war
You were born to conquer and unite
You ll break the chains and fly (that bind)
Blaze of vengeance (freedom) glow (grow)

Draw your swords, soon your throat
Will be slashed by my fiery blade
Join the bastard there s a place
Waiting for your souls in the abode of the dead
Feel my steel, crushing bones
Your name and blood wont remain
Taste your fear, drink your blood
Im the whirlwind of anger, fire and rage

Walk away, feel the wound stinging in your leg
You wont die here I ll see you soon upon the battlefield
And there ruthless coward you will find your end

There s a place inside your heart
Where the sun pours silver stars
Trees have whispered endless
Poems through the night
Now my time has come I ll rest
Celtic cross will mark my grave
In a distant world and time we ll meet again


Charge the fields, shining swords
Warrior poets, face your foe
To defend our freedom
We must carry on

Seize the day, sing the rhyme
We can hold our heads up high
We would proudly die
If this were our last ride

We might feel the rain
We might climb green hills again
If we live we ll do it as free men
We will never stray
The All Mighty leads our way
We were built by power
Made of strength

Make a stand
Through the storm
Keep the faith
You ll never walk alone
Thunders Hail
To the one
Winds have blown
A new age dawns